Archery Arenas

Archery Arenas are like Skill Schools for mixing skills or better like the magic only areas for Magic, meaning you do not get your ranging experience doubled shooting inside of them.

  • Enter an Archery Arena by using an Archery Arena Ticket with the gate of the arena.
  • Inside the Arena there are two Targets, fire away.
  • A Target will counterattack if you attack it directly instead of ranging it. Enabling range-lock is recommended.
  • The arenas are not PK (at least that's true for the ones in game at this point).
  • Leave the arena by using the gate.

Ywarstav Archery Arena

Located in Ywarstav, Grubani Peninsula, this arena is the first archery arena, it's located right next to Nahark at [50,107], who also happens to sell the Archery Arena Ticket.

Irsis Archery Arena

Located in the far North-East, this arena is aimed for the more experienced archers with worse visibility conditions than the one on the Grubani Peninsula. Tickets are sold exclusively at the other arena by Nahark, though.