Material Points


  • Material Points (or Health) are the indication of your life and well being.
  • Material Points can be reduced by fighting, harvesting events, environmental effects (e.g cold) and poisonings.
  • When your Material Points reach zero, you are sent to the Underworld for the continent that you are on.
  • Material Points are determined by the level of your Matter Cross-Attribute (Material Points = Matter * 5).

Restoring your Material Points

  • Material Points are restored one point per minute, as long as you have a positive food level.
  • Sometimes when you are seated, an additional Material Point will be restored.
  • The Fast Regeneration Perk or Fast Regeneration Cape restores 3 Material Points per minute, as long as you have a positive food level.
  • There are special locations in both Seridia and Irilion that can restore 5 Material Points per minute, as long as you have a positive food level.
  • These methods can stack, so it is possible to restore up to 8 points per minute.
  • During Aluwen's Birthday, 5 Material Points are restored every minute regardless of your food level. Fast Regeneration Perk, Fast Regeneration Cape and Fast Regeneration Areas have no effect on health.
  • Material Points are restored by casting Heal Spell which restores 10 Material Points or Restoration Spell which typically restores all Material Points.
  • Material Points can also be restored by the potions of Minor Healing, Body Restoration and Great Healing.
  • You can also restore your Material Points by using the Life Drain Spell.
  • Using potions does not have any requirements, using spells to restore Material Points requires Magic levels and Sigils.
  • If you are at least rank 1 in your worship of Aluwen, High Priestess Noria will heal you for free.
  • If you are less than 21 on your Attack Level, the Tutorial NPC on Isla Prima, will heal you for free.


  • You can see how many Material Points you currently have by looking at the Red bar on the bottom center of the client.