Orc Slayer of Mana Nullification

Orc Slayer of Mana Nullification.png

2% Chance To Remove 150 Ethereal Points from your Opponent. Made by chance when manufacturing Orc Slayer.


Manufacturing information

Recommended Manufacturing level: 46
Base Manufacturing experience given: 3600
Required tools:

Knowledge required:

Required nexus:

Food subtracted: 46


Dmg Cold Fire Mag Rad Avg Dmg Def Acc Crit Hit Crit Dmg Light EMU Human Fail
35-40 37.5 +1 +1 +1 30 6 Degrade

Other Information

  • Final Product Weight: 30 EMU
  • Ingredients Weight: 94 EMU
  • Stackable: No
  • Storage: Normal