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Each Continent, Seridia and Irilion, has it's own underworld. It is the place players are teleported to when they die for whatever reasons (more on this here).

Under normal circumstances you will have to walk out of the underworld in order to travel to other places again since rings and teleport to portals or intercontinental teleport spells don't work in the underworld. The Underworlder Perk allows players to escape the UW with magic or a teleport ring, though.

There are ways to access the underworld without actually dying. For one there are secret places which allow you to simply walk into the underworld. Another way of going to the UW without dying is with the Hellspawn Perk.

Mines are often placed at the UW exit for players that have the One Perk, in order for them to drop items, when they are in their weakest condition. Thus an unexperienced player will keep trying to walk out of the UW until he has droped all Rostogol Stones and items.

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