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Creature tokens are items dropped by fifteen creatures that have very different uses.
They have a chance of being used more than 1 time, depending on the creature token. Some like the beaver token have a very high chance of disappearing after getting used, others allow multiple uses.
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Price: Drop Only
Weight: 1 EMU
Stackable: yes
Storage: Animal

Known tokens


Beaver Token.png Beaver Token is dropped by Beaver, Restores full mana, random chance of reuse. However, they are very often only 1 use items since they were reduced in a recent update.
Brownie Token.png Brownie Token is dropped by Brownie Does some damage to your opponent, reusable.
Female Goblin Token.png Female Goblin Token is dropped by Female Goblin Gives you some arrows. Random chance of either 50 PK Arrows, 30 Fire Arrows, 30 Ice Arrows or 20 Magic Arrows. If you have no room for them, you lose the token and get nothing.
Female Orc Token.png Female Orc Token is dropped by Female Orc and Armed Female Orc When used at a certain place it acts as a ticket & you are transported to Newbie Island.
Goblin Token.png Male Goblin Token is dropped by Male Goblin and Armed Goblin Helps you to finish the book you are reading faster by reducing the amount of pages you have left to read by up to 4k research points. Reusable, but number of times now limited with 1 use being the most common.
Male Orc Token.png Male Orc Token is dropped by Male Orc and Armed Male Orc When you have 5 I Can't Dance Removal Stones in your inventory & use the token, the stones are exchanged for a Random Experience Giver.
Ogre Token.png Ogre Token is dropped by Male Ogre Lets you ride your horses for longer by giving you up to 1k extra steps on your current horse whistle. Single use item.
Panther Token.png Panther Token is dropped by Black Panther Makes you invisible for 2 minutes.
Rabbit Token.png Rabbit Token is dropped by Brown Rabbit and White Rabbit Provides food regardless of the #day - even works on Day Of Fasting. Pretty reusable, food given per use reported as between 39 and 63 food.
Rat Token.png Rat Token is dropped by Rat Gives random number of Action Points with each use (seems to be in the region of 30-64 per use). It is reusable a random number of times.
Skeleton Token.png Skeleton Token is dropped by Skeleton, Armed Skeleton and Phantom Warrior (unconfirmed) When in your inventory & used - while you also have 10 (identical) Perk Removal Stones in your inventory - you are left with 1 Random Item Giver in exchange. Currently, the 10 stones you must have are of 1 kind of the following: Antisocial, Gelatine Bones, Hellspawn or Monster Magnetism.
Snake Token.png Snake Token is dropped by Red Snake, Green Snake, Brown Snake and Sslessar Having 15 Snake Tokens in your inventory when you visit Redeemer NPC allows you to be transported directly to the Hydro Ore Cave (non-pk) - works whether in normal form or in mule form.
Spider Token.png Spider Token is dropped by Small Spider and Large Spider Paralyses your opponent for 5 rounds. Only affects the opponent you are currently fighting - it does not affect all opponents if in multiple melee.
Tiger Token.png Tiger Token is dropped by Tiger and White Tiger Reduces opponents armour. The effect of each token used stacks so if 3 tokens are used & the reductions are 1, 4 & 2 the total effect is a reduction to the opponent's armour of 7. Does not work in pk as far as is currently known.
Wood Sprite Token.png Wood Sprite Token is dropped by Wood Sprite Heals you a bit, pretty reusable too.
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