Armed Skeleton

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Note:For other varieties, see Skeleton (disambiguation). Creature may be a Noob Boss.



Attack/Defense: 40/35
Magic Resistance: 6
Health Points: 35
Mana Points: 0
Ignore level: By new formula: CL between 69 and 76.75
By old formula: CL between 60 and 65 - In Discussion
Summonable: Instant
Respawn Time: 62 seconds
Achievement: Low


Armed Skeleton


Seridia (C1)
Morcraven Marsh 25px.png Morcraven Marsh
Morcraven Marsh 25px.png Morcraven Marsh Caves
Naralik 25px.png Naralik Catacombs
Nordcarn 25px.png Nordcarn South Cave
Portland 25px.png Titanium Mines
White Stone 25px.png Vermor Castle
Tarsengaard 25px.png Magic School Sewers (PK)
Irilion (C2)
Aeth Aelfan 25px.png Aeth Aelfan
Emerald Valley Trade Route 25px.png Emerald Valley Caves
Hurquin 25px.png Hurquin Crypt
Zirakinbar 25px.png Azghal Castle
Isle of the Forgotten 25px.png Oblivio Cave


Normal Drops
Bones.png 6 Bones
Gold Coins.png 0-15 Gold coins
Rare Drops
Padded Leather Armor.png 1 Padded Leather Armor
Iron Chain Mail.png 1 Iron Chain Mail
Leather Boots.png 1 Leather Boots
Iron Broad Sword.png 1 Iron Broad Sword
Potion of Body Restoration.png 1 Potion of Body Restoration

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Summoning information

Recommended Summoning level: 47
Base Summoning experience given: 500
Required tools:

  • None

Knowledge required:

Required nexus:

Mana subtracted: 52

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