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Note: There are no female ogres which is why male ogres look so unhappy. Creature may be a Noob Boss.



Some ogres have the Mirror Skin Perk

Attack/Defense: 70/50
Health Points: 105
Mana Points: 0
Ignore level: By new formula: Somewhere between 171,75 and 186
By old formula: CL>~155
Summonable: No
Respawn Time: 31 seconds
Achievement: Medium


(picture from Official Game Art)


Seridia (C1)
Southern Kilaran 25px.png Carmien Manor
Southern Kilaran 25px.png Southern Kilaran
Tahraji Desert 25px.png Tahraji Desert (PK)
White Stone 25px.png Vermor Castle
White Stone 25px.png Ogre Room
Irilion (C2)
Aeth Aelfan 25px.png Wyrmgoth Underground
Bethel 25px.png Target Cave
Idaloran 25px.png Idaloran Mines
Melinis 25px.png Melinis Ogre Cave
Palon Vertas 25px.png Northern Cave
Zirakinbar 25px.png Azghal Castle


Normal Drops
Bones.png 2 Bones
Gold Coins.png 0-30 Gold coins

Rare Drops
Ogre Token.png 1 Ogre Token Iron Broad Sword.png 1 Iron Broad Sword
Steel Long Sword.png 1 Steel Long Sword Wooden Battle Hammer.png 1 Wooden Battle Hammer
Iron Battle Hammer.png 1 Iron Battle Hammer White Scroll.png 1 Book of Bear Summoning
Sheet.png 1 Book of Dwarf Fighting Sheet.png 1 Book of Human Fighting
Sheet.png 1 Book of Elf Fighting Green Book.png 1 Moon Medallion Building
Black Scroll.png 1 Disengagement Ring Building White Scroll.png 1 Ring of Damage Building
Red Book.png 1 Stars Medallion Building
Very Rare Drops
Brown Book.png 1 Book of Iron Sword of Fire
Black Scroll.png 1 Titanium Serpent Sword Construction
Fur Boots.png 1 Fur Boots
Mirror Cloak.png 1 Mirror Cloak
Body Piercing Cloak.png 1 Body Piercing Cloak
Monster Magnetism Cloak.png 1 Monster Magnetism Cloak
Serpent Stone.png 1 Serpent Stone
Titanium Chain Mail.png 1 Titanium Chain Mail
Moon Medallion.png 1 Moon Medallion
Stars Medallion.png 1 Stars Medallion

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