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See also: Combat, Creature statistics

While this list contains all creatures that have a normal spawn (not invasion/instance-only), not all creatures can be trained on due to limited spawns, respawn times, and more. You may get more experience training with the next lowest creature that gives less experience but has faster respawn or multiple spawns near each other.

The creature's attack and defense, while primary factors, are not the only factors to take into consideration. Some have higher attributes (just like your character attributes) which there is no way to give exact numbers on. This as well as noted items next to creatures may be why a creature with a lower a/d is listed as harder than one with a higher a/d.

Experiment! This is a general order, and may differ for you based on your character build.


Recommended Combat Order (attack/defense in parentheses)

Low Killer Achievement

Medium Killer Achievement

High Killer Achievement

Very High Killer Achievement

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