Arctic Chimeran

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Attack/Defense: 130/130
Health Points: 300
Mana Points: 0
Ignore level: Defense 161
Summonable: Instant/Stone
Respawn Time: 100 seconds
Achievement: High


Arctic Chimeran (picture from Official Game Art)


Irilion (C2)
Hulda 25px.png Hulda (PK)
Imbroglio Islands 25px.png Imbroglio Islands (PK)
Isle of the Forgotten 25px.png Chimney Window
Trassian 25px.png Dra Syn Passage
Almost Pr0 Instance
Pr0 Instance
Pr0 Farm Instance


Normal Drops
Gold Coins.png 0-400 Gold coins
Rare Drops
Enriched Life Essence.png 1 Enriched Life Essence
Serpent Stone.png 1 Serpent Stone
Red Book.png 1 Book of Poison Antidote
Blue Book.png 1 Book of Wizard Hat of Life and Mana
Very Rare Drops
Enriched Fire Essence.png 1 Enriched Fire Essence
Hydrogenium Bar.png 1 Hydrogenium Bar

(Latest Dates & Notes)


Can also be summoned with an Arctic Chimeran Summoning Stone.png Arctic Chimeran Summoning Stone.
Note: Summoning without a stone will give 8 Arctic Chimerans.


Manufacturing information

Recommended Summoning level: 50
Base Summoning experience given: 5000
Required tools:

  • None

Knowledge required:

Required nexus:

Mana subtracted: 55

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