Small Gargoyle

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Attack/Defense: 30/30
Magic Resistance: 5
Health Points: 25
Mana Points: 0
Ignore level: By new formula: CL ~ 69
By old formula: CL ~ 60 - In Discussion
Summonable: Instant
Respawn Time: 62 seconds
Achievement: Low


Small Gargoyle


Seridia (C1)
Nordcarn 25px.png Nordcarn South Cave
Tarsengaard 25px.png Gargoyles Cave
White Stone 25px.png Vermor Castle
White Stone 25px.png Diamond Cave
White Stone 25px.png Tirnwood Undergrounds
White Stone 25px.png White Stone
Irilion (C2)
Zirakinbar 25px.png Zirakinbar
Zirakinbar 25px.png Azghal Castle


Normal Drops
Gold Coins.png 0-12 Gold coins

Rare Drops
Steel Chain Mail.png 1 Steel Chain Mail Red Book.png 1 Book of Bear Fighting
Steel Shield.png 1 Steel Shield Sheet.png 1 Book of Troll Fighting
Titanium Short Sword.png 1 Titanium Short Sword Sheet.png 1 Book of Gargoyles Summoning
Iron Battle Hammer.png 1 Iron Battle Hammer Sheet.png 1 Book of Cyclops Fighting
Unicorn Medallion.png 1 Unicorn Medallion White Scroll.png 1 Book of Orc Fighting
Stars Medallion.png 1 Stars Medallion Yellow Scroll.png 1 Desert Pines Ring Building
Sun Medallion.png 1 Sun Medallion Potion of Defense.png 2 Potion of Defense
Ring of Disengagement.png 10 Ring of Disengagement
Very Rare Drops
Brown Book.png 1 Book of Steel Two Edged Sword of Thermal

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Summoning information

Recommended Summoning level: 34
Base Summoning experience given: 70
Required tools:

  • None

Knowledge required:

Required nexus:

Mana subtracted: 39

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