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This feature was added to the EL client a little while ago by Alvie. This is a short tutorial written by Minion07 and editted to fit in wiki.

#alias lets you save something you type a lot. e.g. instead of typing #gm Hello All! , you could just type #1.

To alias something, type:

#alias <number> <message>

where <number> is 0-99

Then to use the alias:


#alias 1 #gm Hello World

would say #gm Hello World.

To remove aliases, type:

#unalias <number>

#unalias 1

would remove the alias we created earlier.

You can list all the aliases you have made by typing #aliases.

Advanced Features: arguments

You can also create aliases that accept arguments. For example, if you often advertise in the market " I'm selling Life Essences @ 4 gc each pm me for details (not a bot) ". You could alias the text so that it allows any item:

#alias 1 @@3 I'm selling $0 @ $1 gc each pm me for details (not a bot) 

Then to send your advert :

#1 "Life Essence" 4

or to advertise Fox Fur @ 5 gc (for example)

#1 "Fox Fur" 5

Note: the arguments are space separated so if you want 2 words to be 1 argument, use set of double quotes ("").

Finally, the aliases are recursive so, continuing the advert example, if you had an advert you sent all the time, you could do:

#alias 2 #1 "Life Essence" 4

then typing #2 would send: @@3 I'm selling Life Essences @ 4 gc each pm me for details (not a bot)

If you don't pass enough arguments as required, an error will be shown

 Text alias requires parameters, but none given

Extra arguments are ignored silently without an error.

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