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All server updates are announced in the Server update section of the official forums

Server Update 10-08-2018

Chat in Discussion about the required levels and research, that information is unknown

Server Update 08-03-2011

  • New perk.
  • Increased Leonard stats a bit.
  • Now at the beginning of each in-game day, there will be ONE harvestible individual item in the whole game, that when successfully harvested it will give you one pear. If the item is not found until the end of the day, another harvesting item is selected randomly and the old one is removed. This item can be in any map except for guild maps and for places where you can't harvest.

The pear will be used in the future for some undisclosed stuff, but the value will probably be around 500kgc or so (I will first have to see how many are found first).

  • The camo now offers -50 light (from -20).
  • New target in the GP arena.

Server Update 21-02-2011

  • New monster: Nenorocit. It is similar with the Unicorn, in that it can't be attacked, however it can be killed by mines/caltrops. It has the ability to randomly change maps. When it dies, it will drop a day stone and some money.
  • Every ingame day (6 hours) a random mob will get a one time 50Kgc added to its inventory.
  • Fixed a few bugs.

Server Update 14-02-2011

  • Reintroduced the More grief day (and made the acid rain more rare)
  • New day stones, available from the WTF instance (sometimes)
  • The WTF instance has its own independent, mandatory timer.
  • Some giants will summon bears.
  • The castellan has more gold, and it has a 1/2 chance of dropping day stones. If it has a day or nexus stone, it is a bit stronger.

Server Update 29-01-2011

Server Update 14-01-2011

  • All the great swords with a chance of a rare version have now that chance increased directly proportional to your skill, if your skill is higher than the level required to make them.

All those swords will give you quite a bit more exp than before.

  • New quest
  • Now you can cook 10 meats at a time if you wear a Frying Pan. You don't have to do anything special, just cook the meat as usual while wearing the frying pan.
  • Finished the Bob quest, a new one will start hopefully at the next update.
  • Increased the OA limit to level 179, and the OA exp will go up until 2.14B Eventually I might increase the limit to 4B exp, but that requires a client update.

Server Updates 2010 and before

This information has moved to a separate page

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