Attribute Reset Stone

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General information

Coordination Removal Stone.png
Resets all your attributes


Weight: 2 EMU
Stackable: Unknown
Storeable: Magic


  • Click to use. Single use item.
  • The stone will remove attributes (in order) till either all attributes are 4 or your current oa is 0, whichever comes first.


I currently have oa 167/168 and p/c/r/w/i/v 48/48/24/20/8/8. This means I have 132 pickpoints used for attributes.
After using the stone my oa is 35/168 and all attributes are minimum (4/4/4/4/4/4)

If someone has oa 130 and p/c/r/w/i/v 48/48/12/12/48/48, they have 192 pickpoints used for attributes, after use the pickpoint distribution will be 19/19/4/4/20/20 and oa 0/130. p/c are lower than i/v since they are reduced first. This person does not have enough natural pickpoints to reduce all attributes to 4.

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