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Clint is a massive orchan lumberjack who chops yew with a giant axe for Dragburn. He stands near some yew trees in Grubani Peninsula at [63,234]. He does not know how to speak Common language very well and thinks the archers that use the yew are not true warriors because they fight from a distance. He also mentions a big hut where Dragburn tests explosives.

Ever since Clint was young, he has had extraordinary strength, even among orchans. When he was a boy, he had a little pet chimeran wolf that did not listen to his commands. While trying to punish the chimeran, he misjudged his own strength and accidently killed it. Because of that mistake, Clint has chosen not to kill anymore. Dispite being an orchan, he prefers to use his extraordinary strength to chop yew rather than be a warrior.

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