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General notes

  • In order to just see custom clothes, follow the instructions given under "Installation".
  • If you want to use own custom clothes, you have to contact on the service providers about hosting them on their server.


  • Use of the custom looks is at your own risk.
  • Any and all problems that result are not to be taken to the Eternal Lands staff.
  • Any such attempt at reporting problems based on the use of the custom looks listed below, causing Eternal Lands staff to waste their time, will be ignored and could result in suspension of game play.

Available custom clothes

  • Sir Odie's EL-Services (you must pay gc's)
    • You can download (28.12.2017) from Google Drive. This is a backup. Only use it if you fail to #update.
    • a small exposé from SolarStar's ARTWORK


  • In the EL client, go to Options (Ctrl+O) and select the "Servers" tab. Make sure "Custom Looks Update" and "Show Custom Clothing" are enabled.
  • Edit the custom_mirrors.lst file in the directory where you installed Eternal Lands and replace "" with the adress you got from your custom clothes provider
  • Restart the client. Downloading the new meshes and textures might take a while.


  • You should never attempt to #update when more then one EL-Client is running.
  • use #update_status to check if your download is complete.
  • you can open more then one EL-Client when the download is complete.
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