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Book seller in the library in White Stone City at [48,627]. Expila sells "big books" which give 60,000 experience in the associated skill and can be read multiple times, but you must purchase a new book each time. The Book Writing book allows you to write your own experience books. Recommended level for writing them is 100 in the appropriate skill. Not all experience-books can be made yet.

Item You can "Buy item" for Players can make
Red Book.png Big Book of Manufacturing 15,000 yes
Brown Book.png Big Book of Crafting 15,000 yes
Blue Book.png Big Book of Potions 30,000 no
Blue Book.png Big Book of Engineering 100,000 no
Purple Book.png Big Book of Tailoring 120,000 yes
Book Writing (Book of Books) 40,000 no
Prices are measured in Gold Coins.png gold coins (gc).
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