Frozen Dragon

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Attack/Defense: ???/???
Health Points: 32000 (~72000 total)
Mana Points: ??
Ignore level: None
Summonable: No


Frozen Dragon (looks like an Ice Dragon) (picture from Official Game Art)



Invasion Drops

Normal Drops
Gold Coins.png 280,000-480,000 Gold Coins
Poison Antidote.png 12 Poison Antidote
Staff of Protection.png 1 Staff of Protection
Golden Star Mace.png 1 Golden Star Mace
Point Defense.png 2800 Point Defense
Other Drops
Animal Removal Stone.png 1 Human Removal Stone


Because it uses Potion of Great Healing and Staff of Protection its health can be at least 72000 HP while fighting. Besides GHP it carries Poison Antidote potions which it uses to stop poison and Point Defense to minimise damage from archery projectiles. It summons 80 Giants total. Some of those Giants are each able to summon 2 Black Bears too.

It ignores Monster Magnetism Perk or Monster Magnetism Cloak, has no True Sight. Every new spawned monster have different build with a random weakness.

Warning: Creatures will be summoned @

  • 26000 health (30 Giants)
  • 21000 health (10 Giants)
  • 16000 health (10 Giants)
  • 12000 health (10 Giants)
  • 9000 health (20 Giants)
  • 8000 health (30 Little Blue Dragons)
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