Attack/Defense: 120/120
Health Points: 5000
Mana Points: 0
Ignore level: N/A
Summonable: No


The Nenorocit looks somewhat like a moose. As the Unicorn, it can't be attacked while it has more than 200 hit points when it becomes vulnerable. However it can be hurt/killed by mines/caltrops. It has a random chance (of 1/2000 per second it stands still) to change maps. It carries and can use some Poison Antidotes.




High Levels


Rare Drops
Gold Coins.png 50000 Gold Coins
Poison Antidote.png 45 Poison Antidote

Special Drops

  • It will change the day to a random special day when killed by engineering on a regular day. If it is a special day, the day will not change, but instead it will always drop a Special Day Stone.png Special Day Stone or Bad Day Removal Stone. This is in addition to the 50000 gc. It will also drop a Random Item Giver
  • It is attackable once he reaches 200 hp, if he dies fighting he will always drop a stone and not use it.
  • If it changes the day it does so BEFORE it dies, about at 100-150 hitpoints. It drops the cash in a deathbag upon death.