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The Thread on the Special Global Quest is found in the Eternal Lands Official Forums.

The Global Advantage Quest is a special quest when completed affects all players in the game. It requires teamwork due to sheer volume of ingredients required. What advantage is given is not known until quest is given. Amount of time advantage gives is currently 240 hours.

The Quest Part 1

Similar to other quests a list of items must be donated to a NPC; the NPC for this quest is Hyutan in Tarsengaard Magic School Kitchen and he is creating a special potion. What is different with this quest is the items vary each time and they must be transported to the NPC. Unlike other NPC quests the NPC keeps track of what has been donated so far so they can be transported in parts to the NPC. To start a new quest, talk to Jerun first and ask what kind of help they need, then go to Hyutan to check what exactly is needed.

The Quest Part 2

There are 3 trees throughout EL (either continent) that have these special worms Hyutan needs. You need to use the LOOK icon on the trees while wearing Night Visor to find them.

Items collected by NPC in previous quests

The combination of items

Global Advantages so far

  • Wait less to do daily quests. Daily Quests reduced from 4 in-game days (24 hours) to 3 in-game days (18 hours).
  • Fewer harvesting mini events.
  • Consume less food when we make items
  • More special days, and less bad days

Global_Quest bot

This is a storage bot located in TG storage that is used for collecting items for the global quest. Since it is a storage bot, it is only online for 5 minutes at a time and has to be started by one of the administrators. More info can be found at

To see the items the bot currently has, check

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