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Blacksmith north of Idaloran City and east of the Idalo River at [446,371] (you have to go through the Manufacturing school at [459,377]).

He no longer sells or buys steel helms; he used to buy them at 10K and buy them at 20K before Dorel's quest ---- saxum

Item You can "Buy item" for You can "Sell item" for
Steel Plate Mail.png Steel Plate Mail 90,000 45,000
Steel Cuisses.png Steel Cuisses 42,000 21,000
Steel Greaves.png Steel Greaves 42,000 21,000
Titanium Shield.png Titanium Shield 38,000 19,000
Titanium Helm.png Titanium Helm 32,000 16,000
Titanium Plate Mail.png Titanium Plate Mail 120,000 60,000
Titanium Cuisses.png Titanium Cuisses 70,000 35,000
Titanium Greaves.png Titanium Greaves 52,000 26,000
Prices are measured in Gold Coins.png gold coins (gc).

Editor note: Please add other items as you discover which ones can be traded. Items that are not able to be sold to Horea are listed on the talk page.

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