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Jotting notes on needed info, for my eventual write-up. Sections: 1- General Instance Info (applies to all instances)

2- The 3 instance types

2a - 60-80 2b - 80-100 2c - 100-170

Potential text material: - basic info on how instance works (most already posted now as part of "ice instance") - Creature types for each - special drops - Links to the "fixed" map files (ice one already on page, 80-100 has a fix too) since they can't be done without the fix - Link to the official forums "Instances forum" for signups and such - Maybe some tips? (ex: using mule shapeshifting to bring in extra supplies, weapon/armor recs, "bring a bow" due to arrow drops, and such)

Just a starting point. Or maybe finishing as well, we'll see, heh. - [User:Burn|Burn] June 21, 2009

title change

I will change the titles of the instances, but not delete information. This is more convenient when posting links or doing a quick search.

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