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Tankel will offer to repair your lower-level armor and weapons after you complete the repair quest to heal his daughter, Kelcha. He is sitting outside of the tannery in Morcraven Marsh, south of the road to White Stone at [292,242]. You must bring the damaged item to him and pay a fee for him to attempt to repair it. If he fails to repair the item, you will lose the item and the fee.

Note: Some higher-level items that Tankel can't repair, Heavybeard might be able to repair.

Degraded Item Item Repair fee Chance of success
Damaged Crown of Life Crown of Life.png Crown of Life 3,000 60%
Damaged Crown of Mana Crown of Mana.png Crown of Mana 3,000 60%
Second Hand Titanium Chain Mail Titanium Chain Mail.png Titanium Chain Mail 700 60%
Damaged Iron Plate Mail Iron Plate Mail.png Iron Plate Mail 1,500 60%
Damaged Iron Cuisses Iron Cuisses.png Iron Cuisses 1,300 60%
Damaged Iron Greave Iron Greaves.png Iron Greaves 1,300 60%
Used Steel Two Edged Sword Steel Two Edged Sword.png Steel Two Edged Sword 100 80%
Pre-owned Titanium Short Sword Titanium Short Sword.png Titanium Short Sword 300 70%
Second Hand Titanium Long Sword Titanium Long Sword.png Titanium Long Sword 400 60%
Pre-owned Serpent Sword Titanium Serpent Sword.png Titanium Serpent Sword 500 50%
Used Iron Axe Iron Axe.png Iron Axe 1,500 60%
Second Hand Steel Axe Steel Axe.png Steel Axe 1,800 60%
Pre-owned Titanium Axe Titanium Axe.png Titanium Axe 2,100 60%
Prices are measured in Gold Coins.png gold coins (gc).

Editor note: Please add other items as you discover which ones can be repaired. Items that are not able to be repaired are listed on the talk page.

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