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Magic shop keeper in Idaloran City at [370,291]. Zantos trades supplies for the skill of crafting and sells other magical items.

Item You can "Buy item" for You can "Sell item" for
Gem Sanding Paper.png Gem Sanding Paper 10
Gemstone hammer & chisel.png Gemstone hammer & chisel 20
Ring Mold.png Ring Mold 200
Medallion Mold.png Medallion Mold 280
Matter Conglomerate.png Matter Conglomerate 1150
Skeleton key.png Skeleton key 150
Skull key.png Skull key 150
Polished Ruby.png Polished Ruby 20
Polished Emerald.png Polished Emerald 22
Polished Sapphire.png Polished Sapphire 22.5
Polished Diamond.png Polished Diamond 25
Prices are measured in Gold Coins.png gold coins (gc).

Editor note: Please add other items as you discover which ones can be traded. Items that are not able to be sold to Zantos are listed on the talk page.

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