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The noob instance is beatable with a good coordinated team that work together to beat the instance.


Enter the noob instance

Go to Battle Hall in MM and talk with the NPC. To enter all players should be in the same unique channel.

All players should have A+D over 120 and no more than 160. It is also possible to use potions to get you in by undercapping it, but doesn't work with a/d reduction potions.

There must be between 5 to 9 players in the channel. The one talking with the NPC should have the channel as default channel.

The goal

The goal when entering an instance should be to kill all instance monsters and exit without anyone in the team dying and thus wasting a rostogol stone. To do that it requires team work and that people don't go wandering around by themselves. Try and keep close to each other and you will be safe.

It's often good to be cowards and if several monsters attack you at the same time use your disengagement ring and flee from combat.

You kill the monster fastest if you can have 8 fighters that all stand around the monster and attack it. Even if you do that it can take several minute to kill the end monsters. So killing them all is not easy and requires a lot of restorations to stay alive against the monsters mirror perks.

The best system is to go in with one tank, a dedicated ranger and as many fighters as possible, with spare bows to help on the second to last wave. This gives you the best variety of options to tackle the instance effectively.

Player characteristics

You need 8 good fighters and 1 extra to do the instance. Preferable one in the team is a good mage that can cast harm spells at yetis.

Minimum requirements for player in instance:

Good to have:

You can carry more than your EMU by muling it inside the instance. Drop a bag in the battle hall and inside put some HE and then go back to storage and get more HE/SRs and a Mule Glyph. Stand over the bag and use the glyph and pick up your bag. After 30 seconds you will be normal again and carry more than you normally can carry.

A perfect fighter has max P/C and A+D=160. With many fighters close to perfect status the instance should be fairly easy to finish.

Appoint a leader

Let one in the team be the leader who tells the other what to do. If you have never done an instance you want to make sure that the others don't do stupid things and run away alone and get trapped.

The team leaders main job is just to guide the other players - make sure they all know what's going on and be the one who says if you all should attack or flee.

Appoint a storage manager

Let one in the team handle the storage. If you all enter the instance as mules you have a big sack of items that you need to handle. Let one in the team take care of it and move it to a better location.

The perfect storage location is outside the canyon to the second wave. It can be moved there after the first wave has been taken care of and the storage manager can use skull/skeleton keys to open the bag when there is a need for the fighters to refill their inventory.

Storage is usually opened after wave 2 and wave 4 so people can restock and replenish inventory. After wave 4 just empty the storage.

The monsters appoint a dedicated target.

When fighting the monsters will attack the weakest player. So the same player will always be the first to be attacked. If that is you learn when to do restores and don't be afraid to disengage when you no longer can restore and need to drink SRs.

As dedicated target you got only one job - stay alive!!! If you are the dedicated target you will really learn to love failsafe restores.

First wave

Feros or DCW. Take it easy and even if all fighters should be able to take a monster one to one you should try and take them with preferable 3 fighters on each monster to save resources for the rest of the waves. It you all stay close to each other this wave is basically trivial to finish.

Monster drops are normal.

Second wave

The hardest of them all. It requires patience and discipline to handle. There is a dangerous choke point where the melteans spawn which make it very easy to get trapped between several of them and have a meeting with the maker.

In the canyon to the second wave there is a line in the ground and standing behind that line and wait for the melteans to come to you is the best option in the beginning of the wave. Don't try and take on more than one of them at a time. With 1200 health they are a dangerous opponent.

Just be patient and wait for the melteans to come into the canyon one at a time and kill them. When there is a few left you can go out and hunt them. Use the player with the best perception to go first and scout and report back how many melteans the scout sees.

Drops a couple of hundred gold and rare drops are HE, SRs, fire or magic arrows.

After doing second wave go back to the start of the canyon and restock - the dedicated target usually need more HE/SRs at this time.

Third wave

Scarba - two armed orcs are in a small spawn area. If you are lucky one of the two monsters have exited from the spawn point and it is easy to fight them one at a time. If less lucky you need to make sure they are separated and that you don't have to fight two of them at the same time. With 12000 health they take some time to kill - but they are not really hard and usually this wave is fairly easy. The only problem being to get one alone so that 8 fighters can attack it at the same time.

Drops a random amount of gold. Which can be from a couple of hundred to or several K big.

Fourth wave

Three yetis are the second most dangerous wave. The problem is that yetis hit VERY VERY HARD. The damage they do is huge and if the designated target gets below 100 health it usually ends up with a lost rosto. So restore often and restore very early.

Here a mage can shine. Since the yetis is very hard to hit using magic can kill them a lot faster. Casting 3-4 harm spells per yeti gives good damage to them and will help kill them fast. Other ways to help here is to take 1 attack potion for the best fighters so they have a half-decent chance to hit the yetis.

Another strategy is to have the tank (designated target) pin one yeti, and the rangers come close enough and range the yeti with pk arrows or other better. They need to be close else the yeti will disengage from the tank and attack the ranger (possibly breaking the ranging weapon).

After fourth wave go back to storage and empty it from resources to take on the final wave.

Normal yeti drops so some bones and small amount of gold.

Fifth and final wave

Two big giants - but are really Dillimacs - will spawn at same place you entered the instance. Hit rather hard and have lots of health. But you can take them out in one fight by being stubborn and continue to attack even while probably the designated target has to diss 3-4 times and the second and third designated targets will have to shine. This battle will tell if you had enough resources with you into the instance or not.

This is really just a longer fight than wave 3 and should not really form any big problem - well except the few times they both attack at the same time - but just diss and restart the fight later.

The possible drops are gold, six harvest medallions, 40 Ring of power or a Red Dragon Helm of Life and Mana. The helm is the big drop.

Afterwards sell the items (to bots or among yourself or other players) and divide the gold among all players.

The cooldown time is 180 hours so you can do the instance every 8 days. Alternatively, you can buy red dragon scales or other items to reduce cooldown time if your #ii time is too low.

I've beaten this instance many times now. With a good team it's easy to do.

Notes By JoeButler

This instance is probably one of they least profitable in game, but is extremely useful for learning the ropes for invasions and the likes. However, it is always good to have some fighting background (especially versus monsters above your level) when tackling this invasion. I'd suggest that you become familiar with:

  • Tanking and to gauge how much Armour your tank must shed for your safety
  • Perception: Most of the special creatures, if not all, that appear in instances have low visibility making it extremely hazardous at night, even with a Night Visor
  • Armour/Weapon/Supplies weights to their benefits, so general inventory management
  • If your ranging, then to know about Forced Disengagements and luring.
  • Be aware this takes about 1-2 hours, and that you need a team that has that time available at the same time of day.

It's always best to do your first few with people you know and who are knowledgeable about them. To find an instance team i suggest posting on the Official forums and giving a yell, or #jc 6080 and post there. If you don't trust someone or if someone is habitually endangering the team, leave them behind, but always remember it can work the other way around. Most of all have fun.

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