Potion of Spirit Restoration

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Potion of Spirit Restoration.png

  • Increases your ethereal points by 20 points


Manufacturing information

Recommended Potions level: 20
Base Potions experience given: 65
Required tools:

Knowledge required:

  • None

Required nexus:

Food subtracted: 9

Other information

Weight: 5 EMU
Stackable: Yes

  • Potion allows you to restore up to 5 more ethereal points than your max EP.

Note: You have a small chance to make a Potion of Extra Mana.

NPC's who trade this item
NPC name Location You can "Buy item" for You can "Sell item" for
Mira.png Mira White Stone City 26 13
Derzelas.png Derzelas irsis 26 13
Prices are measured in Gold Coins.png gold coins.



Dropped by

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