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Animals, monsters and other creatures leave a death bag when killed, the contents being that creature's drop. Drops are distinguished between regular and rare drops:

Regular drops
These are dropped upon every death of a creature of the kind you killed.
Some creatures have no regular drops.
Summoned creatures never drop items.
Invasion creatures have the same regular drops as their normal variant.
Rare drops
These are dropped only upon rare occasions, how rare depending on the creature and the item.
Some items are only available as rare drops.
Invasion creatures have different rare drops as their normal variant.

You can find the rare drops together with the regular drops of a creature on that creatures page.
A list of all creatures can be found on the Creatures page.


Rare drops


A list of rare book drops can be found on the Books page.

Other drops

Creature Tokens

Instance creatures

Instance creatures have some unique rare drops.

Invasion creatures

Invasion creatures drop

instead of the rare drops of their regular variant.


The EL Wiki uses pages of the format Rare Drops of <Creature>s to collect, confirm and discuss rare drops. Use the Search functionality to see if a given creature has a rare drops page, or go through the creature's page.

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