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Magic Nexus

  • The Magic Nexus limits the kind of magic items (ring, medallions, etc) you can make.
  • The higher the nexus, the better the items you can make.
  • Magic nexus can be increased by purchase from the Wraith on Isla Prima for 1 pickpoint or for 50 Hydrogenium Bars from Costel in Port Anitora.
  • Magic nexus can be removed by Magic Nexus Removal Stones one by one, or by using the #reset command (note: this resets everything else related to pickpoints and overall level as well!).

Note: Items with * require more than one nexus; the * links to the other required nexus.

Magic 1
Magic Nexus 1
Crafting - Seridia Rings Crafting - Irilion Rings
Ring of Isla Prima.png Ring of Isla Prima * Ring of Anitora.png Ring of Anitora * Ring of Hulda.png Ring of Hulda *
Ring of Valley of the Dwarves.png Ring of Valley of the Dwarves * Ring of Idaloran.png Ring of Idaloran * Ring of Isle of the Forgotten.png Ring of Isle of the Forgotten *
Ring of Naralik.png Ring of Naralik * Ring of Bethel.png Ring of Bethel * Ring of Trassian.png Ring of Trassian *
Ring of White Stone.png Ring of White Stone * Ring of Sedicolis.png Ring of Sedicolis * Ring of Imbroglio Islands.png Ring of Imbroglio Islands *
Ring of Portland.png Ring of Portland * Ring of Palon Vertas.png Ring of Palon Vertas * Ring of Hurquin.png Ring of Hurquin *
Ring of Desert Pines.png Ring of Desert Pines * Ring of Kusamura.png Ring of Kusamura * Ring of Glacmor.png Ring of Glacmor *
Ring of Morcraven Marsh.png Ring of Morcraven Marsh * Ring of Egratia.png Ring of Egratia * Ring of Emerald Valley.png Ring of Emerald Valley *
Ring of Iscarlith.png Ring of Iscarlith * Ring of SRM.png Ring of SRM *
Ring of Irinveron.png Ring of Irinveron * Ring of Melinis.png Ring of Melinis *
Magic 2
Magic Nexus 2
Unicorn Medallion.png Unicorn Medallion * Medallion of Life.png Medallion of Life * Heavenspawn Medallion.png Heavenspawn Medallion *
Sun Medallion.png Sun Medallion * Medallion of Mana.png Medallion of Mana * Unicorn Medallion.png Enhanced Unicorn Medallion *
Moon Medallion.png Moon Medallion * Medallion of the Gatherer.png Gatherer Medallion * Sun Medallion.png Enhanced Sun Medallion *
Stars Medallion.png Stars Medallion * Harvester Medallion.png Harvester Medallion *
Magic 3
Magic Nexus 3
Ring of Damage.png Ring of Damage * Ring of Mana Destruction.png Ring of Mana Destruction * Enhanced Iron Cuisses.png Enhanced Iron Cuisses *
Ring of Disengagement.png Ring of Disengagement * Enhanced Iron Plate Mail.png Enhanced Iron Plate Mail * Enhanced Iron Greaves.png Enhanced Iron Greaves *
Magic 4
Magic Nexus 4
Tailoring Potions
Cape of No More Warlock.png Cape of No More Warlock Potion of Extra Mana.png Potion of Extra Mana
Magic 5
Magic Nexus 5
Crafting Manufacturing - Enchanted Weapons
Ring of Power.png Ring of Power * Iron Sword of Fire.png Iron Sword of Fire * Steel Long Sword of Magic.png Steel Long Sword of Magic *
Ring of Massive Mana Destruction.png Ring of Massive Mana Destruction * Iron Broad Sword of Fire.png Iron Broad Sword of Fire * Steel Two Edged Sword of Fire.png Steel Two Edged Sword of Fire *
Crown of Life.png Crown of Life * Iron Broad Sword of Ice.png Iron Broad Sword of Ice * Steel Two Edged Sword of Ice.png Steel Two Edged Sword of Ice *
Crown of Mana.png Crown of Mana * Steel Long Sword of Fire.png Steel Long Sword of Fire * Steel Two Edged Sword of Magic.png Steel Two Edged Sword of Magic *
Saving Stone.png Saving Stone * Steel Long Sword of Ice.png Steel Long Sword of Ice * Steel Two Edged Sword of Thermal.png Steel Two Edged Sword of Thermal *

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