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  • The Animal Nexus limits the kind of animal you can summon.
  • The higher the nexus, the better the creatures you can summon.
  • Animal nexus can be increased by purchase from the Wraith on Isla Prima for 1 pickpoint or for 50 Hydrogenium Bars from Costel in Port Anitora.
  • Animal nexus can be removed by Animal Nexus Removal Stones one by one, or by using the #reset command (note: this resets everything else related to pickpoints and overall level as well!).


Animal 0
No Animal Nexus Required
Brown Rabbit 25px.png Brown Rabbit Rat 25px.png Rat
Animal 1
Animal Nexus 1
Beaver 25px.png Beaver Skunk 25px.png Skunk
Deer 25px.png Deer Racoon 25px.png Racoon
Animal 2
Animal Nexus 2
Green Snake 25px.png Green Snake Puma 25px.png Puma
Red Snake 25px.png Red Snake Skeleton 25px.png Skeleton
Brown Snake 25px.png Brown Snake Small Gargoyle 25px.png Small Gargoyle
Fox 25px.png Fox Tall Gargoyle 25px.png Tall Gargoyle
Boar 25px.png Boar Fluffy Rabbit 25px.png Fluffy Rabbit
Wolf 25px.png Wolf Mountain Chimeran 25px.png Mountain Chimeran
Animal 3
Animal Nexus 3
Polar Bear 25px.png Polar Bear Female Goblin 25px.png Female Goblin
Black Bear 25px.png Black Bear Armed Goblin 25px.png Armed Goblin
Medium Gargoyle 25px.png Medium Gargoyle Female Orc 25px.png Female Orc
Armed Skeleton 25px.png Armed Skeleton
Animal 4
Animal Nexus 4
Male Orc 25px.png Male Orc Armed Female Orc 25px.png Armed Female Orc
Cyclops 25px.png Cyclops Armed Male Orc 25px.png Armed Male Orc
Animal 5
Animal Nexus 5
Yeti 25px.png Yeti Bear Summoning Stone.png Bear Summoning Stone
Arctic Chimeran 25px.png Arctic Chimeran Armed Orc Summoning Stone.png Armed Orc Summoning Stone
Giant 25px.png Giant Giant Spider Summoning Stone.png Giant Spider Summoning Stone
Phantom Warrior 25px.png Phantom Warrior Tiger Summoning Stone.png Tiger Summoning Stone
Sslessar 25px.png Sslessar Phantom Warrior Summoning Stone.png Phantom Warrior Summoning Stone
Falcon 25px.png Falcon Mule Glyph.png Mule Glyph
Hawk 25px.png Hawk Phoenix Glyph.png Phoenix Glyph
Animal 6
Animal Nexus 6
White Rabbit 25px.png Tank Rabbit Fluffy Rabbit Summoning Stone.png Fluffy Rabbit Summoning Stone
Red Dragon 25px.png Red Dragon Sslessar Summoning Stone.png Sslessar Summoning Stone
Black Dragon 25px.png Black Dragon Yeti Summoning Stone.png Yeti Summoning Stone
Blue Dragon 25px.png Little Dragon Blue Arctic Chimeran Summoning Stone.png Arctic Chimeran Summoning Stone
Giant Summoning Stone.png Giant Summoning Stone

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