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Radu as a Phoenix

A phoenix is a guise into which a player can transform to temporarily increase their own combat abilities.


How to transform

  • To become a phoenix, you must use a Phoenix Glyph.
  • To remain in phoenix form, you must "eat" 2 creature food every 30 seconds (twice as much as a mule).
    • To "eat", you must keep creature food in your inventory. It will be consumed automatically. Unlike normal food, creature food can be consumed on a Day of Fasting.
    • If you do not have enough creature food in your inventory when it is due, you will transform back into your normal shape, requiring another phoenix glyph to become a phoenix again.
    • If you die in phoenix form, you will remain a phoenix until your creature food runs out. Creature food is undroppable.
  • To return to your normal form, remove all remaining creature food from your inventory and wait, or click yourself with the pointy "use" finger.


  • +(phoenix_level) attack
  • +(phoenix_level)% chance to dodge hits, added to the 5% default chance and the Evanescence chance (if you have that perk).
  • +(phoenix_level) fire protection.
  • As of the 03/10/16 server update, the phoenix deals fire damage to its opponents in combat.
  • +(5 * phoenix_level) chance to be resurrected. Increased to 70% at max level. (More if it is Day of the Dead.) When resurrecting, you respawn instantly at full health where you died, without losing items or rostogol stones. If you died while engaged in combat, you will still be engaged in combat after respawning.
  • If the player casts magic immunity before shape-shifting, the spell will not wear off while in the phoenix form.
  • If phoenix level is 5 or more, True Sight will also not wear off if cast before shape-shifting.
  • Based on the level, there is a chance to not get a cooldown when using an item.


To view your level, "look at" yourself with the eye mouse pointer while you are in phoenix form. Because so few players invest the tremendous amounts of creature food required to get the phoenix to maximum level, information on leveling is inconsistent. Don't rely on the info given here and add more data if you level a phoenix.

Leveling formula

To reach phoenix level 1, you need 800 creature food. This is increased by 100 creature food per level. For example, phoenix level 2 requires 900 creature food. Therefore, the amount of food required to advance a single level (from the beginning of your current level to your next level) is given by the following formula:

food = 100(next_level + 7), where 1 <= next_level <= (Put the maximum level here)

The total amount of food required to advance to a desired level, starting from the beginning of your current level, is given by the following formula:

total_food = 50 * (desired_level(desired_level + 15) - current_level(current_level + 15)),
where 0 <= current_level <= desired_level <= 14

This formula has not been confirmed.

Leveling table

Note: This alternative info was observed by a player, who carefully noted down CF consumption, esp. when noticing the "jump" after level 7. It is inconsistent with the above formula. It would be great if anyone can verify this.

Level required CF Total CF needed
1 800 800
2 900 1700
3 1000 2700
4 1100 3800
5 1200 5000
6 1300 6300
7 1400 7700
8 1800 9500
9 2200 11700
10 2600 14300
11 3200 17500
12 4800 22300
13 6000 28300
14 8000 36300


  • Can interact with objects:
    • Change maps
    • Talk to NPCs (e.g. stores and storage)
    • Drop and pick up bags
    • "Use" items in the usual way (e.g. rings, food)
  • Can fight or be attacked by creatures or other players the same as when not shapeshifted.
  • No experience while fighting. (You will still get bonus experience from server/NPC such as turning in Haidir/Daritha dailies.)
  • Cannot use Magic.
  • Cannot harvest.
  • Cannot use Potion of Speed Hax.
  • Cannot mix items.
  • Cannot have any items equipped, nor can you equip anything once shapeshifted.
  • Cannot trade with other players using the trade window.
  • Cannot sit down. You will have to stand up before you can shapeshift.

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