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When players die and go to the Underworld, there is a 50% chance for each item they have equipped or in their inventory to drop in a Death bag on the ground (more info here). Having a Rostogol Stone in inventory prevents this, instead the stone will disappear. Certain items are excluded from this and never drop.


Undroppable Items
Leather Helm.png Leather Helm Iron Helm.png Iron Helm Steel Helm.png Steel Helm Gold Coins.png Gold Coins
Padded Leather Armor.png Padded Leather Armor Iron Chain Mail.png Iron Chain Mail Steel Chain Mail.png Steel Chain Mail Iron Sword.png Iron Sword
Leather Pants.png Leather Pants Iron Shield.png Iron Shield Steel Shield.png Steel Shield Creature food.png Creature food
Leather Boots.png Leather Boots Wooden Shield.png Wooden Shield Enhanced Wooden Shield.png Enhanced Wooden Shield


Since 7-Nov-2012 leather armor (helm, torso, pants, boots), wooden and Enhanced Wooden Shields, Iron Swords, and gold coins are undroppable on death. Augmented leather armor (torso and pants) and platinum coins, however, do drop.

Since 1-Mar-2013 iron and Steel Helms, iron and Steel Chain Mail, and iron and Steel Shields are undroppable on death. Used Steel Helms, however, do drop.

Since 30-Apr-2014, characters will lose items (other than undroppable) on death on C2 regardless of their OA level (if they don't have a rosto).

Since 3-Feb-2016 Creature food is undroppable on death.

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