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Total War is a feature that allows guilds to fight outside of PK maps under certain circumstances.



Two guilds will said to be enemies in Total War if they set each other to enemy guilds using the #set_enemy_guild command. Combatants of enemy guilds can attack each other outside of PK under the following conditions:

The following limitations apply outside of PK maps:

  • Summons will not attack
  • No experience will be gained
  • Bots cannot be attacked (and are not allowed to attack)


To become a participant in Total War you have to use the #enemy_combatant command. For each enemy combatant you kill your guild earns one frag, for each of your guild's combatants killed by an enemy your guild loses a frag. You can see your guild's frags using the #frags command.


Pacifists do not partake in Total War. They can neither attack enemies outside of PK nor be attacked by enemies outside of PK. Everybody is a pacifist by default. Combatants can become pacifists using the #enemy_pacifist command.


  • #set_enemy_guild <guild short name> - Declares total war with a guild, needs rank 18 and 1k gc in your inventory.
  • #unset_enemy_guild <guild short name> - Declares peace with a guild, needs rank 18 and 5k gc in your inventory.
  • #enemies_list - Lists the guild you've set as enemies.
  • #enemy_combatant - Makes you a participant in Total War.
  • #enemy_pacifist - Makes you a pacifist in Total War, needs 50k gc in your inventory (this is the default).
  • #frags - Shows the number frags for your guild.
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