White Wizard Hat of Life and Mana

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Increases maximum material points by 150 and ethereal points by 40.
Info incomplete.
Not listed in http://www.eternal-lands.com/manufacture.htm yet
White Wizard Hat.png



Manufacturing information

Recommended Tailoring level: 100
Base Tailoring experience given: [more than 4000 likely]
Required tools:

Knowledge required:

Required nexus:

Food subtracted: [more than 25 likely]

Other information

Weight: 2 EMU
Stackable: No
Storable: Yes
Breaks; does not degrade.

Update Info

New item, White Wizard Hat of Life and Mana. It gives you 150 life plus 40 mana. Twice as likely to degrade as CoL but not nearly as much as RHoLM. Will disappear after it degrades.

It requires 12 white fabric, 3 eme, 2 serpent stone, 3 ele, 10 thread (must have a needle), and 100 tailoring.

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