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Combat is one of the first things you probably will do in Eternal Lands. Your Attack and Defense skills will effect your ability to successfully fight off your enemies. Your Matter attribute will also effect this, as Matter effects your Material points (health)


Before you start

If you ever get lost or want to return to Isla Prima you can type (no quotes) "#beam me" or "#beam me up" and you will be instantly teleported to the Beam on Isla Prima. (This won't work if you are being attacked).

It is highly suggested that you complete the Tutorial NPC's beginner's quest. At the end of the quest you will get some basic armor and a basic weapon. There are three things that you will have to do, some of which require you to leave Isla Prima. For more information on the Tutorial NPCs quest you can go the the Eternal Lands forums here (forum account required).

If your health ever drops too low you can talk to the Tutorial NPC to be healed (until attack level 21).

When you first start, dying will transport you back to the Beam on Isla Prima. But when your overall level exceeds 20 you will instead go the the Underworld. There is no map for the underworld so to get out, walk north. You will eventually get to a red glowing door, go through the door and you will be transported to the Beam on Isla Prima.

When going to the underworld, you may drop some of your items in a death bag. More on this here. Items that you will never drop can be found here.

Your First Kill (Rabbit)

Your first kill will be a Brown Rabbit, they are the easiest things to kill in Eternal Lands, and they are plentiful on Isla Prima (the place you start). They will drop Bones, Raw Meat, and Brown Rabbit Fur. It is suggested that you save these things and put them in storage. You can use the furs to make Warm Fur Gloves to get your manufacturing level up. The bones can be used with a Mortar & Pestle to make bones powder which is in some potions and the raw meat can be cooked at the beam to be used as Food. Bones can also be used as a weapon, go to your inventory and click on your bones, then click under where it says Equipment.

After Rabbits

After you are able to easily kill rabbits you can go to the Isla Prima rat cave in South West Isla Prima. You can then kill rats (collecting the raw meat and possibly the bones) until you can kill them without losing any health. After you have mastered rats you can move on to Beavers in North West Isla Prima. You can collect the furs to be used to make warm Fur Hats.

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