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A Noob Boss is a creature with powers and abilities far beyond those of ordinary ones. Some have additional (20) Material Points, some have perks such as Mirror Skin and Self Destruct with total list unknown - some may steal Rostogols as far as we know.

The Noob Boss was created to make afk farming a bit more fun (fun as more likely to drop items).


Possible Noob Bosses
Male Goblin 25px.png Male Goblin Armed Skeleton 25px.png Armed Skeleton Female Orc 25px.png Female Orc
Female Goblin 25px.png Female Goblin Medium Gargoyle 25px.png Medium Gargoyle Male Orc 25px.png Male Orc
Armed Goblin 25px.png Armed Goblin Tall Gargoyle 25px.png Tall Gargoyle Armed Female Orc 25px.png Armed Female Orc
Male Ogre 25px.png Male Ogre Armed Male Orc 25px.png Armed Male Orc

Very Rare Drops

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