South Cave

This article is about an internal map of Nordcarn. For the cave in Palon Vertas, see Southern cave.

Map overview

Map nordcarn south cave 0512px.png

This cave, commonly known as "ruby cave", contains gargoyles, and all kinds of skeletons and goblins. This cave is a good source for amber, bones, iron ore and rubies. It used to have a thriving society, but is now mostly ruins, inhabited by monsters. Small creeks constrain movement, so bringing essences for the Teleport to Range Spell is extremely helpful.

NPCs and Stores

  • Caroline.png Caroline - [7,91] -- An amnesiac dwarf.
  • Nestor.png Nestor - [132,70] -- Mineral researcher, studying Amber Ore.
  • Patrick.png Patrick - [181,85] -- Fugitive living in the cave.
  • Zentas.png Zentas - [117,174] -- A gnome engineer.



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