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Map overview

Map iscalrith 0512px.png

While at first glance this seems a lovely and peaceful land, the cold awaits the unwary and strange beasts wander the forests. For those who enjoy mazes, the cave system presents a few unique challenges. Using the Teleport to Range Spell is a useful and reliable shortcut for these caves, plus is good magic training as well.

Note: This land does cause light cold damage so you may need to adjust your armor or wear a different cloak to not take damage.

Note 2: Throughout the game trade bots, NPCs, books and rings refer to this map as 'Iscarlith'.

NPCs and Stores

  • Destinta.png Destinta: Storage - [192,127], [256,154]
  • Kerlyn.png Kerlyn: Tavern - [253,62]
  • Kiara.png Kiara: General Store - [254,245]



  • Boat that transfers you from the main land to Iscalrith City [116,113] (Note: you have to use the boat, not just stand in it)
  • Firepit (not tested) [255,76]
  • PK area capped at 65 attack and defense, over the tavern inside the fort.


Internal Maps

Exits to

This map has exits to the following Maps:

By Land
Glacmor 25px.png Glacmor - [16,175]
Hulda 25px.png Hulda (PK) - [320,14]
Trassian 25px.png Trassian - [60,135]
By Boat
Imbroglio Islands 25px.png Imbroglio Islands (PK) - [256,345]
Egratia Point 25px.png Egratia Point - [241,348]
Irinveron 25px.png Irinveron - [275,346]
By Portal
Isle of the Forgotten 25px.png Isle of the Forgotten - [200,75]

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