Aeth Aelfan

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Aeth Aelfan


Map overview

Aeth Aelfan 0512.png

Aeth Aelfan is the Elven homeland of Draia and contains a beautiful town and fortress. Along with many riches, this map contains many dangers. The northwest area of the map is PK and has giants. The rest of the map has hobgoblins, so this is not a map for low-levels! Also, the Black Dragon lives in a secret cave on this map.

NPCs and Stores

  • Cagdas.png Cagdas - Tavern in Aeth Sylvath - [340,240]
  • Celo.png Celo - Storage in Aelfan Route - [232,197]
  • Frost.png Frost - General store in Aeth Sylvath - [301,228]
  • Mariana.png Mariana - Potion and Summoning Stone shop in the southwest corner of Sylvath Forest - [18,27]


Aeth Aelfan

Wyrmgoth Fields (PK)

Ridgetop Clearing


  • Book store along the Aelfan Route - unoccupied - [234,196]
  • Fruit stand ("Frutkot") - unoccupied [334,228]
  • You cannot walk directly to the Northwest area, Wyrmgoth Fields (PK) and Ridgetop Clearing. One way to access those areas is to "Use" the lock on the fortress gate.
  • Wyrmgoth Fields (PK) and Ridgetop Clearing are connected and monsters can move freely between those areas.
  • You can safely move to the Ridgetop Clearing via Wyrmgoth Underground.
  • The Water in Wyrmgoth Fields (PK) have very high poison damage.


Aeth Aelfan

Wyrmgoth Fields (PK)

Ridgetop Clearing (No PK)


Internal maps

Exits to

This map has exits to the following maps:

By Land
Egratia Point 25px.png Egratia Point - [365,248]
Kusamura Jungle 25px.png Kusamura Jungle - [365,248]
Willowvine Forest 25px.png Willowvine Forest - [33,371]
By Boat
Glacmor 25px.png Glacmor - [350,137]
Zirakinbar 25px.png Zirakinbar - [320,140]

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