Southern Kilaran

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Southern Kilaran


Map overview

Map south kilaran 0512px.png

NPCs and Stores

  • Bakart.png Bakart [171,35] -- Drunk, who claims to be event planner for Lord Quinticus
  • Colton.png Colton [152,123] -- Field Reporter
  • Gazhanar.png Gazhanar [14,161] -- South Kilaran Summoning Ring Manager
  • Hancu.png Pickle [53,71] -- Injured elf



Summoning Arena entrance [45,165]


Internal Maps

Exits to

This map has exits to the following maps:

By Land
Desert Pines 25px.png Desert Pines - [20,55]
Kilaran Field 25px.png Kilaran Field (PK) - [85,174]
Nordcarn 25px.png Nordcarn - [176,64]
White Stone 25px.png White Stone - [107,16]
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