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Valley of the Dwarves


Map overview

Map gold mines 0512px.png

The gold mine upper level is the place where young adventurers come to fight goblins and harvest gold. It's also a place of danger since sometimes automatic invasions can spawn monsters that start in the lower levels, continue to the upper levels and then out into Valley of the Dwarves.

NPCs and Stores

  • Lower level:
    • Elevy.png Elevy - An engineer hired by King Gondric - [342,54]
    • Circe.png Circe - A seer of the old times and magic researcher - [138,27]
    • Megera.png Megera - King Gondric's cousin, in change of the treasury - [138,27]
    • Ingrid.png Ingrid - A former student of alchemy under Ayelle - [53,23]
    • Gilrand.png Gilrand - A gnomish bard from Hurquin - [249,234]
    • King Gondric.png King Gondric - Gondrik Mithrilfist, the king of Seridia dwarves - [254,276]
    • Vaeamo.png Vaeamo - A member of the Streamsters, a group of politically active Potioners - [255,81]
    • Unolor.png Unolor - A gold miner serving with the union - [273,176]
    • Amann.png Amann - A runaway gold trader that is lost in the Gold Mines - [110,269]
    • Raxxa.png Raxxa - The royal masseuse - [155,219]


  • Upper level:


  • Lower level:
    • Teleport Orbs
      • Orb at [63,158] teleports you to [200,279] (close to exit to the Abandoned Temple).
      • Orb at [306,179] teleport you to [200,279] (close to exit to the Abandoned Temple).
      • Orb at [198,271] teleports you to [40,26] (close to exit to the upper level).


Exits to

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