Kusamura Jungle

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Kusamura Jungle


Map overview

Map kusamura 0512px.png


Flowers unable to be harvested (in pot at [373,4] unreachable


  • Abandoned palisades [149,342]
  • Kasamura Jungle Hitou Hot Springs - [242,215]
    • Fast regeneration area
  • Mishisan Village [372,10]
  • PK arena [51,240]


Secret spots

Internal maps

Exits to

This map has exits to the following maps:

By Land
Aeth Aelfan 25px.png Aeth Aelfan (PK) - [258,9]
Emerald Valley Trade Route 25px.png Emerald Valley Trade Route - [10,206]
Palon Vertas 25px.png Palon Vertas - [328,368]
Willowvine Forest 25px.png Willowvine - Forest Cave - [105,17]
Zirakinbar 25px.png Zirakinbar - [361,121]
By Small Boat (ticket)
Palon Vertas 25px.png Palon Vertas - [172,203]

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