Potion of Defense Reduction

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Potion of Defense Reduction.png

Decreases your defense level by 5 down to -29 of your normal defense level, your level will increase by one per minute until you reach your normal level. Potions do not have cooldown, but last potion can only be used when def has gone up by 1 (to -24 of your normal defense level).



Note: The recipe produces 12 Potion of Defense Reduction at once

Manufacturing information

Recommended Potion level: 76
Base Potion experience given: 950
Required tools:

Knowledge required:

Required nexus:

Food subtracted: 35
Formula produces 12 potions at a time.

Other information

  • Final Product Weight: 2 EMU
  • Ingredient Weight: 77 EMU
  • Storable: Normal
  • Stackable: Yes

Note about level dependence

Tested the max reduction on a few different chars:

  • fresh char with def lvl 8 cannot use a pot
  • lvl 24 def cannot use the potion
  • lvl 28 def max reduction -7, final lvl 21 def
  • lvl 34 def can reduce with -13, but third pot can only be taken after 2 minutes (at -8), final lvl 21 def
  • lvl 36 def can reduce with -15, a fourth pot cannot be taken, not even at -11, final lvl 21 def
  • lvl 58 def can reduce with -29, sixth pot can only be taken at -24, cannot reach -30, final lvl 29 def
  • lvl 150+ def can also only reduce with -29, same as lvl 58

Preliminary conclusion: You can only reduce def to no lower than 21, by at most 29 (not 30) levels.

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