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Glydoc - Father of the Orchans

Taken from The Great Almanac of the Gods:

One of the elder gods who is no longer worshiped widely, Glydoc crafted the orchan race in his own image. He regarded strength and courage in battle as the highest display of one's worth, thus disputes even among fellow tribe members were settled by combat. Some fights for such endeavours would be to the death, but such a death was an honorable one. The father of the orchans was the patron god of all warriors of Draia. He fell from power, however, when he attempted to overthrow Mortos, believing that he could stand alone against the dark god. He failed. Following his defeat many warriors hailed Mortos as the god of the greatest strength and turned to him for guidance and blessings. This meant Glydoc would now have few followers, leaving him with only the orchans who still revered him. The honor their god taught them made the tribes of Redmoon (North and South) keep faith in him no matter what the other races believed.

It is said that Glydoc himself chooses the chief of the orchans, who serves as high priest and unites all the tribes. Though the many factions of orchans can still be fiercly independent, they stand together against outsiders. The orchans believe that Glydoc bestows each chief with a fragment of his power for however long his leadership lasts.

To follow Glydoc is to bring honor and courage to combat and to revere the way of the tribe.


Glydoc is one of the Shadow Gods, indicating a God with smaller, more devout, groups of worshippers. Shadow Gods often lack temples or high priests. However, one can find their followers among the NPC populace.

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