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Iringold - Father of the Draegoni

Taken from The Great Almanac of the Gods:

Iringold is the honored father of the draegoni race. Said to be a magnificent golden dragon that brought both the dragons and draegoni to the world, his influence is not often seen among the races. He is a kind god, but his people are the draegoni, and very few, if any, not of that race worship him. Yet every draegoni from the young to the old, righteous to foul, know the name of Iringold and speak it with awe. Despite what other allegiances they might have, draegoni will always respect and honor their father. Even if they worship Mortos, they might still be known to call on Iringold or whisper prayers to the father of their race. Possessing a gentle manner, he will listen to the prayers of any draegoni. Yet he also has the fierce nature and fiery soul that any dragon would, and his patience only goes so far.

To follow Iringold is to embrace a fiery and fierce yet gentle nature and learn the magic which only those with the spirit of the dragons may wield.


Iringold is one of the Shadow Gods, indicating a God with smaller, more devout, groups of worshippers. Shadow Gods often lack temples or high priests. However, one can find their followers among the NPC populace.


Irinveron 25px.png Irinveron Caves, in the southwest of Polar Bear Cove, Irinveron

High priest

File:Kyrant.png Kyrant

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