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Vias - The Keeper of Souls

Taken from The Great Almanac of the Gods:

Sister to Iringold, Vias is also a goddess dear to the hearts of the draegoni. Iringold watches the souls of the living, and Vias guides them after death. Worshipped by draegoni and other races, she is regarded as a powerful and important goddess across the lands. If someone dies, their family burns offerings and prays to Vias to guide the soul to a good place. It is said that she weighs the deeds of every soul and banishes the evil ones to the underworld while the pure souls go on to some other place beyond the knowledge and comprehension of a mortal. Like her brother, she is both gentle and fierce. Though she is a goddess for all races, the draegoni are dearest to her. The draegoni openly worship Vias and praise her for allowing them to continue life while most races only come to her in times of death.

Sometimes referred to as a 'shadow god' along with Iringold, Glydoc, and Dvar; Vias is an ancient god, not widely worshipped among the races. They are considered remnants of old religions and beliefs.

It is said that only Vias has true power over when a soul leaves the world. Though this power is great, Vias is balanced by the fact that she holds less power in other areas. Thus, despite her hand in the ultimate fate of any being, she can not be considered any more powerful than other gods.


Vias is one of the Shadow Gods, indicating a God with smaller, more devout, groups of worshippers. Shadow Gods often lack temples or high priests. However, one can find their followers among the NPC populace.

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