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Zarin - Crafting Goddess

Taken from The Great Almanac of the Gods:

Zarin is, in her own way, one of the darker gods. She cares far more for appearance and material wealth than for faith and good deeds. Full of lust and vanity, her favored subjects are always those who leave the most extravagant offerings and create the most beautiful jewelry in her name. Often rash and always of a strong and stubborn opinion which she rarely ever changes, she is more likely to follow the lead of gods such as Mortos and Selain rather than heed the others' council. It is her belief that her followers cannot create true marvels and beautiful things without complete freedom to chase their ideas. Thus she despises it when the other gods meddle in her affairs and expects little from her subjects in the way of kindness and goodness.

To follow Zarin's path is to seek riches and create beauty above all else.


Tarsengaard 25px.png Tarsengaard, near the exit by land to Forest of the Fall, White Stone - The entrance to the temple is a secret.

High priest

Durnam.png Durnam


  • Followers get more crafting experience.
  • At rank 3 of worshipping, you receive 2,240 crafting experience (2,000 +12% god bonus).


  • Temporary +10 crafting levels for 25 gc. Durnam will only offer the blessing if you are at least at rank 3 of worship. Once blessed, your crafting level will reduce by 1 each minute until it returns to normal.


You cannot worship these gods while worshipping Zarin:

Starting rank

-2 (-8% crafting experience)


Each rank of worship grants you a 4% increase in the amount of crafting experience you recieve as long as you remain a worshipper. To advance to the next rank, you must retrieve a batch of a specific item and talk to Durnam. If you wish to renounce the god and return to your base experience amount, talk to Durnam. If you later wish to worship the god again, you will restart at rank -2.

Note: Unlike the other gods, Zarin has a maximum rank of 4 and offers only up to +16% experience.

Rank Items needed for this rank Where to put items Crafting experience
-2 none - starting rank nowhere -8%
-1 Brown Rabbit Fur.png 150 Brown Rabbit Furs Storage -4%
0 Wooden Staff.png 1 Wooden Staff, Quarterstaff.png 1 Quarterstaff, and Iron Shield.png 1 Iron Shield Inventory -0%
1 Magic Essence.png 150 Magic Essences Storage +4%
2 Fox Fur.png 40 Fox Furs Storage +8%
3 Gold Bar.png 100 Gold Bars Storage +12%
4 Sulfur.png 200 Sulfur Storage +16%
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