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Southern Kilaran


Map overview

Map carmien manor 0512px.png

Carmien Manor consists of an entrance room with dining room and NPC. To access lower levels you use a non-hidden trap door. This leads to a serpentine set of hallways with cells, spiked pits and other jail features inhabited by trolls. This is connected to an underground cavern with armed orcs, large spiders, fluffy rabbits, and a sloping hallway with interesting stalagmites worth examining. The latter two creatures make it very popular with Fluffy Rabbit trainers for they can mana drain the spiders to heal themselves. The exit leads to an anteroom useful for healing before exiting outside. It exits to a locked door in Carmien Village, close to Nordcarn.

NPCs and Stores

  • Entrance room
    • Gustav.png Gustav - Superintendent of the Manor - [115,39]
  • Jail
  • Cavern
    • Tatu.png Thaddeus - An Orcan warrior - [151,105]




  • From Entrance room:
  • From Jail:
    • Southern Kilaran 25px.png Carmien Manor Entrance room - [32,20]
    • Southern Kilaran 25px.png Carmien Manor Cavern - [60,155]
  • From Cavern:

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