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General information

  • The removal stones can be understood as Complex items.
  • There are three kinds of removal stones: Nexus, Attribute and Perk removal stones.
  • The nexus and attribute removal stones are found by chance while harvesting anything.
  • The perk removal stones are obtained from invasion creatures only. The higher the level of the creature, the higher the chance to find a stone. Some perk removal stones are only available from the EL Shop or from players who purchased them from the Shop.


Weight: 2 EMU
Stackable: Yes
Storeable: Yes


Nexus removal stones

Animal Removal Stone.png

Attribute removal stones

Coordination Removal Stone.png

Perk removal stones

I Eat Dead People Removal.png


  • The nexus and attribute removal stones remove 1 point from an attribute or nexus and give you 1 pickpoint.
  • The negative perk removal stones remove a negative perk only if you have the number of pickpoints available that the perk gives.
  • The positive perk removal stones remove a positive perk and give you the pickpoints that the perk required to get it.
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