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Gold Ore.png

Harvesting information

Recommended Harvesting level: 37
Base Harvesting experience given: 36
Tools required:

Knowledge required:

Nexus required:



Metal bars



Seridia (C1)
Morcraven Marsh 25px.png Morcraven Marsh Caves 01:00
Valley of the Dwarves 25px.png Gold Mines
White Stone 25px.png Vermor Castle
Irilion (C2)
Idaloran 25px.png Idaloran Mines Irinveron 25px.png Harvesting Cave 01:46
North Redmoon 25px.png Volcano Palon Vertas 25px.png Southern cave
South Redmoon 25px.png South Redmoon Mines South Redmoon 25px.png Red Dragon Path
Thelinor 25px.png Thelinor (PK) Thelinor 25px.png Thelinor Caves (PK)
Trassian 25px.png Deepstone Caverns Zirakinbar 25px.png North Zirakgunda

Other information

  • Weight: 3 EMU
  • Stackable: Yes
  • Storeable: Yes
NPC's who trade this item
NPC name Location You can "Buy item" for You can "Sell item" for
Gerald.png Gerald White Stone City 23 2.3
Harvy.png Harvy Kamara Desert, Desert Pines 23 2.3
Aurel.png Aurel Fishmig Village, Willowvine Forest 23 2.3
Prices are measured in Gold Coins.png gold coins (gc).

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