North Zirakgunda

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Map overview

North Zirakgunda is an underground map of Zirakinbar. It is a subterranean city of the dwarves, full of resources for making iron and steel bars and matter essences. The dwarves have lived here since the creatures took over the surface, taking advantage of the surface where possible. Mining carts allow for faster movement among the sales points and harvestables.



Bot Name Coordinates Owner Guild Location/ Other Notes
Laubster [164,274] Jeff PEN


  • Mine Carts - Throughout the harv area of North Zirakgunda are many carts which can be used to quickly move elsewhere.
  • PK Arena - [18,357] capped at 120 attack/defense.
  • Fast Regen - Pool at [48,330]

Internal maps

Exits to

  • Zirakinbar 25px.png Zirakinbar - cave at [278,372], stairwell at [44,372], or via the general store, library, or tavern
  • Zirakinbar 25px.png South Zirakgunda - cave at [69,229]

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