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Harvesting information

Recommended Harvesting level: 0
Base Harvesting experience given: 4
Tools required:

  • None

Knowledge required:

  • None

Nexus required:

  • None




Seridia (C1)
Desert Pines 25px.png Desert Pines
Desert Pines 25px.png Crystal Caverns
Grubani Peninsula 25px.png Grubani Peninsula
Isla Prima 25px.png Isla Prima 00:20
Isla Prima 25px.png Isla Prima Spider Cave
Kilaran Field 25px.png Kilaran Field (PK)
Morcraven Marsh 25px.png Morcraven Marsh
Naralik 25px.png Naralik 00:20
Nordcarn 25px.png Nordcarn
Portland 25px.png Portland 00:20
Ruins of Tirnym 25px.png Ruins of Tirnym
Southern Kilaran 25px.png Southern Kilaran
Tarsengaard 25px.png Tarsengaard
Tarsengaard 25px.png Magic School Garden
Valley of the Dwarves 25px.png Valley of the Dwarves
White Stone 25px.png White Stone
White Stone 25px.png Tirnwood Undergrounds
White Stone 25px.png Vermor Castle
Irilion (C2)
Aeth Aelfan 25px.png Aeth Aelfan Aeth Aelfan 25px.png Lothalith Fortress
Arius 25px.png Arius Bethel 25px.png Bethel
Bethel 25px.png Sunken Ship Emerald Valley Trade Route 25px.png Emerald Valley Trade Route
Glacmor 25px.png Glacmor Hurquin 25px.png Hurquin
Idaloran 25px.png Idaloran Irinveron 25px.png Irinveron
Irsis 25px.png Irsis Isle of the Forgotten 25px.png Isle of the Forgotten
North Redmoon 25px.png North Redmoon Palon Vertas 25px.png Palon Vertas 00:20
Sedicolis 25px.png Sedicolis Sedicolis 25px.png Merciful Tears
South Redmoon 25px.png South Redmoon Thelinor 25px.png Thelinor
Trassian 25px.png Trassian Zirakinbar 25px.png Zirakinbar
Zirakinbar 25px.png North Zirakgunda Zirakinbar 25px.png Garden Cave
  • Green "Time to Storage", represent a Double Harvest location.

Other information

  • Harvesting Amounts: White impatiens gives 2 impatiens per harvest, whereas purple impatiens is normal speed at 1 impatiens per harvest.
  • Weight: 1 EMU
  • Stackable: Yes
  • Storeable: Yes
NPC's who trade this item
NPC name Location You can "Buy item" for You can "Sell item" for
Aisy.png Aisy Palon Vertas 4 0.33
Darla.png Darla Portland 4 0.33
Forra.png Forra White Stone City 4 0.33
Lavinia.png Lavinia Valley of the Dwarves 4 0.33
Samuel.png Samuel Idaloran City 4 0.33
Prices are measured in Gold Coins.png gold coins.

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